Week 9: Mini Potatoes and Oreo Truffles

I would just like to make it very clear that I should be doing my homework right now.

That being said, I went on a cooking and baking spree yesterday. I was planning on only sticking to the potato recipe that I got from my aunt, but then I remembered that I promised to make desserts for a bake sale today, so I decided to  try out Oreo truffles since my little told me that they were super easy to make….but I’ll give the potato recipe first:

(Okay, I’m aware that this picture is not appealing AT ALL. I’m sorry, I was in the middle of making oreo truffles and stuff and things and pretty just wasn’t going to happen, you’ll be fine.)

2-3 lb potatoes (My aunt likes to use baby red potatoes, yukon gold, or fingerling or a mix of all three ) washed and quartered.
1 envelope Lipton onion soup mix
1/4C canola oil
1/4C olive oil
1 tsp each: basil, oregano
1/2 tsp each: minced onion, minced garlic

1. Preheat oven to 450
2. If you haven’t already, wash and quarter the potatoes and set them aside in a separate bowl
3. Combine all of the ingredients except for the potatoes into a nice spice mixture.
3. Pour spice-oil mixture over potatoes and coat evenly.
4. Coat a 2qt glass pyrex or corningware casserole with non-stick spray.
5. Pour the potatoes into your now coated pyrex.
6. Lightly sprinkle with paprika and chopped parsley flakes.
7. Bake for one hour, uncovered, stirring potatoes every 20 minutes to prevent burning.
I love these potatoes so much. My aunt first made them for Thanksgiving and I knew that I needed to learn how to make them. The best part was that they were super easy to make. I know the picture above isn’t too appealing, but I swear, they are wonderful.

And now on to the evil oreo truffles.

The recipe:
1 package Double Stuffed Oreos
8 oz. cream cheese, softened
Dipping chocolate (I used white chocolate)

1. Chop Oreos up finely in a food processor (Note: I don’t have a food processor).  If you’d like, save some of the finely crushed Oreos for garnish later.
2. With your hands  mash softened cream cheese and crushed Oreos until well combined.
3. Roll into 1″ balls and place on a wax covered cookie sheet. Put in freezer for 15 minutes.
4. While balls are in freezer, melt chocolate according to directions (I did about 30 to 45 seconds in the microwave)
5. Pull the Oreo Truffles out of freezer, and dip into chocolate.  Garnish with reserved Oreo crumbs before the chocolate sets up.
6. Let the chocolate set and refrigerate until you’re ready to eat them.

The problems:
1. I knew that I didn’t have a food processor so I would need to crush them in a bag. I figured this was fine because I had some aggression I needed to get out anyways. Except, oops, apparently I was out of the thicker plastic bags and the thinner ones got holes when I tried to crush the oreos. Needless to say, crushing them took forever.
2. Last time I made truffles, I used tooth picks to dip them in chocolate. This worked out well and I was okay at it. But, um, well, no tooth picks in my house either. I ended up using a marshmallow roasting stick (no comment) which made the entire endeavor slightly more ridiculous than it should have been, but it worked.

3. Before dropping them off at the bake sale, I forgot to take one for myself. Out of all my mistakes, this was the worst.

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