Week 11: Chocolate Whiskey and Beer Cupcakes

I wasn’t sure if I would have time for a new recipe since I’m on spring break this week, but when I went to visit my friend Maria, we decided to try this recipe that she’s been wanting to make!

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we made some Chocolate Whiskey and Beer Cupcakes from Smitten Kitchen.

The recipe is pretty complicated and I didn’t really change anything, so I just posted the link above and you can go directly to it.  A few things I will add, for the frosting, try some after you’ve added all the ingredients to make sure that you’re happy with the consistency. Also, make sure that the cupcakes are cooled before you put in the ganache filling! That way they won’t melt into the cupcake.

Now back to my vacation! I’ve been traveling up the east coast for networking stuff, so I’ve gone to DC, Delaware, Philly, and now I’m in NYC. Since I have friends in all of those cities, I’ve been able to visit people everywhere which is awesome since a lot of my friends moved out of Pittsburgh after undergrad. I also have never been to Delaware or Philadelphia, so it was exciting to visit a new place. However, while it’s been fun, it has been a little stressful driving to new places so often and being away from my bed for so long. I have a few days left in New York, but I’m actually excited to go back to Pittsburgh for mini 4. Which is also something I didn’t think I would say.

Maybe I’ll do a post on my vacation later, but for now, a picture of gorgeous DC (Cherry Blossoms are starting to bloom!):


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