Week 12: Shredded Chicken Wrap

I’m fully aware that this post is three weeks late and I’m going to have to play a lot of catch up. I’ve been overwhelmed with assignments every day since I’ve been back from break and I’ve had barely any free time for myself. I’ll try to post these as I can and hopefully catch up. I think I might have failed with Week 13, but I truthfully don’t actually remember.

However, for week 12, I did try making my own recipe. I’ve developed a slight obsession with shredded chicken, so I wanted to try creating my own recipe for it. I also didn’t have that much time that day, so this recipe didn’t take that long and provided me with leftovers!

I’ll also apologize right now that I don’t really have a set recipe for it. I just baked a boneless chicken breast on the stove (I did season it with a little bit of garlic and Ms. Dash’s original spice recipe). I then took it out of the pan and shredded it (very easy to do with a fork, just drag it through the chicken). I then threw the shredded chicken back into the pan and added marinara sauce. After letting that sit on low heat for a little bit, I put the chicken on a tortilla wrap with cheese, shredded carrots, and spinach! I was pretty happy with it and I had some left over chicken that I ate later in the week.
 I’ll try to write the rest in the upcoming days. Also, Passover starts this weekend, so hopefully I’ll take some pictures of the stuff I try this weekend!


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