Week 15: Shredded Chicken Caesar Pizza

So back to my new love shredded chicken…Passover becomes a special time when all Jewish children try to figure out how many ways they can turn a piece of matzoh into a pizza before they can finally go back to the wonderful world of bread.
In honor of that tradition, I decided to try a slightly different pizza (with incredibly easy directions because I was hungry):

Shredded Chicken Caesar Pizza

1 Piece of Matzoh
Handful of mozerella
1 Chicken breast
1 Pack (2 tablespoons?) of Caesar Dressing
1 Handful of spinach leaves

1. See earlier posts on how to cook and shred a piece of chicken breast
2. Pile the spinach on top of the piece of matzoh and then cover with the shredded chicken.
3.  Pour the caesar dressing over the chicken
4. Sprinkle (or cover) with mozerella
5. Microwave for about one minute on high and then enjoy!


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