Long Time No See

Hi everyone!

Sorry about the unexpected hiatus. Between my internship, having little money to buy a lot of groceries, and well, having no kitchen, new recipes weren’t really happening. And while I’m not exactly back at school yet, I am back home where I have access to a fully stocked kitchen and a mother who really enjoys when her daughter bakes, or at least helps her make food. I have two different things to post, but I’ll divide them up into two different posts to make up for the 10 weeks of silence.

So the first, pizza. I spent a good two or three years of college protesting eating delivery pizza (still ate it when push came to shove, but I avoided it when I could). What?! A college student who doesn’t want to eat pizza?! Well yes. You would avoid delivery pizza for a while too if during days when you spent 5 hours cheerleading, it was the only thing you had the option of eating during your 30 to 40 minute break. I had started eating pizza again this year (because it was a majority of the free food you get in grad school) but apparently after that long break, my pizza craving came back with a vengeance. I spent half of the summer craving pizza and the other half eating pizza (okay, maybe not that extreme).

Luckily, my mom likes pizza also. Lucky for me though, she likes when we make our pizza instead. When I was younger, she use to make dough from scratch, but now that we’re older and wiser and have less time, we use pre-made crust. The nice thing about doing this is that everyone gets their own pizza, everyone can put on it what they want, and everyone gets leftovers (a big plus in my opinion).

(My mom’s margarita pizza)

The recipe (but not really a recipe though)

Pre-made Pizza Crust (my mom uses Mamma Mary’s but I also like using Boboli’s)
Olive Oil
Tomato Sauce (if you want)
Cheese (if you want)
Whatever toppings your heart desires

1. Pre-heat the oven to whatever your pizza crust tells you to.

2. Remove the pizza crusts from the packaging and lightly brush olive oil on the top of your pizza

3. Cover the pizza however you like (I prefer to go sauce, toppings, and then cheese)

4. Stick in the oven for 8 to 10 minutes. I prefer to stick the pizza directly on to the oven’s baking wires, but you can place it on a baking sheet if you prefer. However, when you remove the pizza from the oven, pull it out and on to a baking sheet. The pizza will be incredibly hot, so let it cool down for a bit.

(My pineapple and olive pizza)

The nice thing about the pre-made crusts is that prep time is so minimal that the majority of your time will be spent waiting for the pizza to cook in the oven. However, home made crust is absolutely delicious and if I can find it, I’ll try to post my mom’s homemade pizza crust dough recipe (I also like home made dough because you can put cheese in the crust!).

So I use to like just olives on my pizza, but over the summer, I realized that I also really like having pineapple on pizza. After combining the two on my pizza today, I can say that my ultimate pizza would be stuffed crust pizza with half pineapple half olives. What weird toppings do you like on your pizza?


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