Thursday Things

1. I got to go Skydiving on Saturday. It was absolutely amazing! While falling was really cool, it was amazing just being able to hang in the sky and look at everything around me.  I was even able to see two different city skylines which was equally awesome.

2. This might actually be the cutest video of puppies ever

3. I somehow managed to avoid the whole “back to school thing” for most of the summer so it still really hasn’t dawned on me that classes are starting in 1.5 weeks. I have really mixed emotions about this since I’m excited to start my LAST year of school, but at the same time, I would really rather just be done with classes and start working full time (I’m sure I’ll regret saying that later).

4. As much as I would love summer to last, outfits like this are helping me to get really excited for fall:

5. Hair Tutorials like this (tutorial for short hair girls) make me really want to learn how to french braid hair. New goal maybe?

6. For those who haven’t seen, watch Epke Zonderland’s Gold Medal High Bar Routine. My mouth was hanging open the entire time I watched it.

7. Victoria’s Secret just released their new NFL collection, I feel kind of weird about how excited I am about this….

8. …But it also means that preseason is ending soon and real games will begin!

9. The Counter, an LA burger place, serves wine milkshakes. I can’t really decide how I feel about this (since I like both things), but if I’m ever in LA, I absolutely want to try this.


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