Thursday Things

1. I keep seeing this necklace everywhere. (photo from

Literally EVERYWHERE. It kept popping up all over blogs and the other day at work I saw at least 3 girls wearing a different color version of it. Normally a necklace like this would not be my thing…but after seeing it work with so many outfits, it’s starting to grow on me a lot. I have a feeling that it would go out of style as soon as I get it though, so maybe not.

2. Speaking of style/clothing things I’m geeking out over, American Eagle rolled out a whole new line of ballet flats! And with their new flats goes my hard earned money.

3. I got a save the date for one of my friend’s weddings! I’m really excited for it, but it’s crazy that so many people my age have already gotten married.

4. On a sadder note, the dinner I made tonight didn’t turn out so well. I think I need a little more experience with cooking tofu before I make a large chunk of my meal dependent on it. Lesson learned.

5. I know I’m starting to get restless and I’m okay with starting classes on Monday, but for my mental health, I need a few more weeks of vacation and summer.

6. This song has been stuck in my head for the past two days. I don’t have a love or loathing of it, but I would like a new song in my head please.

7. Even though I’ve heard their new songs, I somehow missed that a new Maroon 5 album came out. Either way, it’s now on my iTunes and I’m a happy camper.

8. Oooh! I was really excited about this yesterday and then completely forgot about it while I was writing this. I found a mix for Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cupcakes, along with coco puffs and reeses pieces. Since I was clearly impulse grocery shopping, I bought the cinnamon toast crunch ones. I think I’m going to have to make this pre made mix and try a from scratch recipe at the same time…there’s no such thing as too many cupcakes, right?

9. Does anyone else ever wonder if  Adele ever sits in a room and sobs to her own musics? I mentioned that to my friend and his response was, “Are those songs supposed to be sad? Apparently people like to cry to them…This is the only thing I think of when I hear that song:  “


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