Thursday Things

1. Tuition Refund + first paycheck in months = best week ever

2. After posting about that bauble necklace, I found a deal for a $20 one and ordered it! Unfortunately they said it would take about 2o to 30 days to ship. Womp. Oh well.

3. Since 8/19, I’ve had a migraine almost every other day. It’s getting a bit ridiculous. However, since then, I’ve watched almost all of parks and Recreations. I’ll be caught up before the season premiere which was filmed at DC!

4. I really miss DC.

5. Thank god it’s the end of the week. This first week of classes has been absolutely ridiculous, I’m so exhausted. Luckily I have a three day weekend now and I can sleep a lot, do some work, and actually re-prepare myself for school.

That’s all I have for now, too tired for more.


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