Thursday Things

1. It’s Fall! Kind of. Last year I was incredibly excited for fall, leaves changing colors, apple cider, everything apple, and everything else wonderful that comes with fall. This year I spent so much time looking forward to the summer that I wasn’t sure that I would be as excited for fall this year, but I definitely am. However, the weather here doesn’t seem to be in fall mode yet, so maybe I’ll be luckily and get a fall that extends into early December?

2. It’s finally football season! Way more excited than I should be (weird arts manager, what can I say)

3. Book I want: 

4. Food i’m excited to try making (I’ve been on such a huge bbq kick):

5. This outfit looks way too comfortable (but I would probably use different shoes):


6. Blog I’m in Love with this week: J’s Everyday Fashion. She not only provides cute outfit ides, but also provides incredibly valuable tips for shopping and dressing yourself.


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