Saturday’s Something Good

Things making me happy this week:

Surprising Facts about Otters ~ If anything, read it for the cute pictures of otters

What it really means to be in a sorority ~ Read it, it was a piece that was finally spot on. Sent it to two of my sisters, they actually almost started crying at work.

“Something Terrible Has Happened Here”: The Crazy Story of How “Clue” Went from Forgotten Flop to Cult Triumph ~ Favorite movie. Amazing to read if you love the movie too. I think it’s time to go watch Clue now…

This etsy shop and this online shop~ I went to the Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts Fair this weekend and fell in love with one woman’s jewelry and another’s purses. I wasn’t planning on buying anything, but I couldn’t resist. I’ll also be buying from both of these women again soon! Reviews coming soon!

Book: And the Mountains Echoed ~ Even though I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading his last two books, for some reason I’m always iffy about reading the next one. But I always end up loving it. Go read it now, you won’t be disappointed.
“The Real LIfe Glee” ~ Don’t be turned off by the title, just read it. That teacher is doing some amazing things and it’s a shame there aren’t more like him

Fall Everything: apple everything (this and this) pumpkin everything (like this, this, and all of these), cinnamon everything, fall festivals, more farmers markets.


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