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Columbus Day Shopping

Just cause I didn’t have the day off for Columbus Day didn’t mean I wasn’t going to take full advantage of all of the sales! I limited myself to J.Crew Factory (50% off everything!) and American Eagle Outfitters (40% off of everything) since there had been some things on both sites that I had been staring at. I’m not sure what I’ll end up keeping, but I can’t wait to get the packages in the mail!

Columbus Day Shopping
 Cardigan /  Leather Lined Skirt /
Tweed skirt /AEO ankle booties /   Sweater /
Plaid shirt / Bright Pink promotion aerie bra / Sweater**Note, I couldn’t find the exact tweed skirt, but the one posted is similar
Look out for an upcoming post about the aerie Bright Pink Bra!

Quick Morning Post

Happy Monday!
(Don’t worry, it’s almost the weekend again, right?)

Just wanted to share this quick outfit from earlier in September, when it was still super warm. I stumbled across this picture and I really liked the outfit so I figured I would share! Also, for the record, I was wearing these with black pumps, but since I keep them at work, I can never get them in a picture in the morning.

2013-09-18 07.43.15
Sorry about the crappy picture quality, I’ll try to work on that)

Fall Jackets!

After realizing that my Northface is 6 years old and falling apart, I’ve decided that it’s time to get a new fall jacket. Here’s what I’ve found so far!

fall jackets

Coffee Shop jacket / Mossimo vegan leather moto jacket / Old Navy jacket
Merona puffer jacket / American Eagle Outfitters cream jacket / American Eagle Outfitters jacket /

I think I’m leaning towards the Mossimo jacket right now.
Any suggestions?

September Shopping Round Up

Alright, so here’s the September Round Up:

jcrewshirt1jcrewshirt2jcrewshirt3   loftshirt3 loftshirt2 loftskirt1 hm sweater 2hm sweatershoemint

J.Crew Factory
Stripe Racerback Cami, 0 $29.50
Racerback Cami, 0 $27
Cotton Zipper Top  XS $21

(See reviews here)

Black Tee (Sold Out!), XSP $12.50
3/4 Lace Sleeve Top, XSP $17.44
Tweed Skirt, 0P $29.75

H&M –
Cable Knit Sweater  – $24.95 (2 for one, actually got in burgundy and white, but neither of those colors were online)
Cardigan – $12.95Shoemint – $11
(See review here!)Total: $186.09

Hey, look at that! Under $200. While I haven’t established a firm budget right now, I’ve been aiming for around $200 right now, I’m going to use these posts to help try to figure out a budget for next year and see if it makes more sense to do a monthly budget or a singular amount for the entire year. Since it looks like I spend around $200 a month so far, that should help in shaping my budget for the future. Also, I need to figure out how I want to include accessories into this. I don’t buy them as often, but should I count them?

Boots Review

I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t been looking for a new pair of black boots since May. Okay, really, since last winter. I had a pair, but they weren’t really work appropriate. That, and since they were only $30 and 3 years old, they were kind of starting to fall apart…Either way, time to start the hunt. I didn’t really find any during the summer, but it gave me more time to figure out what I really wanted. The final three came down to these:

Ann Taylor’s Cody Over-the-Knee Leather Riding Boots – $248

I reviewed these in an earlier post, but to sum it up: goregous, buttery leather, but over the knee a little bit too much.

DSW’s Enzo Angiolini Zeric Riding Boot (Sold out!) – $95

I went back and forth on these, I liked the leather and the stretchy back, but they were hard to get on and off. In addition to that, since my legs are a little shorter than most (yayy being 5 feet!), the boots cut at my knees funny. I’m not sure if they were suppose to be over the knee boots, or hit right below it, but as you can see in the picture, it looks funny.

DSW boot on the left, Shoemint on the right
(Excuse my messy room please!)
I love me some Shoemint. Everything I have bought from there is excellent quality looks just as good in person and these boots lived up to that. Thanks to the zipper they were easy to get on and off and the leather was just as wonderful. Additionally, the gold detail was a nice addition to the boot.
So which did I get?The shoemint! Plus, as an added bonus, thanks to an old Shoemint credit (still kicking myself for forgetting to skip that month a while ago) and a 35% discount code, I ended up only paying $11 for the boots!! If that’s not a good deal for real leather, I don’t know what is.

And cause it’s wonderful Shoemint, I got a surprise gift!

Labor Day Online Shopping

With all of the Labor Day Sales, I figured I would use that to help fill some holes in my wardrobe for fall. Below is what I got and what I ended up returning!

Flare Shift Dress, XSP $39.75
The reviews on this dress said that there was incredible detail on this dress and it looked much better in person. Unfortunately, that was not really the case. The dress felt about one size too big and was much larger around the waist than I expected.
Verdict: Returned

Tweed Skirt, 0P $29.75
I ordered this skirt after seeing it on J’s Every Day Fashion. I ended up being pleasantly surprised by this skirt. It fit really well and was incredibly comfortable. Additionally, unlike other pencil skirts I’ve gotten in the past, the material was not stiff.
Verdict: Keep

3/4 Sleeve Blouse, XSP $29.75
I was hoping the blouse would be more white in person. Unfortunately, it was pink, which wasn’t what I wanted.
Verdict: Return

3/4 Lace Sleeve Top, XSP $17.44
The shoulders were a little puffy, but it looked good tucked into a skirt. Additionally, final sale.
Verdict: Keep


Black Tee (Sold Out!), XSP $12.50
I’ve been wanting a plain black shirt that I can wear to work and this fit the requirements!
Verdict: Keep

J.Crew Factory
Stripe Racerback Cami, 0 $29.50
I’ve been watching this top for a while and decided it was finally time to buy it. I liked how loose the top was and while it wasn’t the best hanging loose, it looked great tucked in.
Verdict: Keep

Racerback Cami, 0 $27
See above review, same feeling.
Verdict: Keep

Cotton Zipper Top  XS $21
I actually got this in red and blue (which is apparently sold out now). I was a little hesitant with the whole horizontal stripes thing, but I love how soft this shirt turned out to be. It was a little baggy, but I can’t wait to wear it once it gets colder.
Verdict: Keep


Critter Charm Necklace $12
Love giraffes. Adorable necklace.
Verdict: Keep

Ann Taylor
Over the Knee Riding Boots $173.60 /

I’ve been on the hunt for a new pair of black boots that are work appropriate and i was hoping these would fit the bill. While the leather was smooth and the shoe seemed very well made, it slouched too much around the ankle and I wasn’t as comfortable with wearing an over the knee boot to work. I’m hoping to find a similar pair for less money elsewhere.
Verdict: Return


Colorblock Pencil Skirt 0P $76.30
This was another item that I had been staring at for a bit. I had tried it on at an Ann Taylor Event at the end of July and figured I would wait until the price dropped more. However, after getting it, I think it may still have been a little too expensive for me.
Verdict: Return


August Round Up

dress1oldnavy2colorlacedressanntaylor cobalt

1. Old Navy Wrap Dress, Striped – $25
2. Old Navy Wrap Dress, Crimson – $25
3. Ann Taylor Lace Dress – $47.69
4. Daisy Rae Dress – $20.97 (going out of business sale)
5. Gap Floral Jeans – $24
6. Gap Pink Jeans – $12 (yesss in store sale!)
7. Loft White Jeans – $20
8. Loft Tank – $22.50
9. ily Necklace – $20.95 (Still waiting on this to arrive….)

Not Pictured:
10. Loft Lace tee – $18
11. Gap Blazer – $24

Grand total:  $242.11

Gulp…alright well there you go. Now time to get this back under control.

Plan to help this:
1. Less in store shopping. I know this is the reverse of what most people would tell you to do because you can get much better deals off of the clearance racks, BUT when I shop online, I tend to impulse shop a lot less because I can let things sit in my cart and wait for a deal.
2. Make a list of things I want ahead of time and be more specific when looking for things.
3. Shop my closet more.
4. Focus on items that can be worn to work since that’s where I spend a bulk of my time.
5. USE EBATES. Using ebates = cash back on purchases. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is.

I’ll probably have to refine this a little more over time, but I hope it will work for now.