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September Shopping Round Up

Alright, so here’s the September Round Up:

jcrewshirt1jcrewshirt2jcrewshirt3   loftshirt3 loftshirt2 loftskirt1 hm sweater 2hm sweatershoemint

J.Crew Factory
Stripe Racerback Cami, 0 $29.50
Racerback Cami, 0 $27
Cotton Zipper Top  XS $21

(See reviews here)

Black Tee (Sold Out!), XSP $12.50
3/4 Lace Sleeve Top, XSP $17.44
Tweed Skirt, 0P $29.75

H&M –
Cable Knit Sweater  – $24.95 (2 for one, actually got in burgundy and white, but neither of those colors were online)
Cardigan – $12.95Shoemint – $11
(See review here!)Total: $186.09

Hey, look at that! Under $200. While I haven’t established a firm budget right now, I’ve been aiming for around $200 right now, I’m going to use these posts to help try to figure out a budget for next year and see if it makes more sense to do a monthly budget or a singular amount for the entire year. Since it looks like I spend around $200 a month so far, that should help in shaping my budget for the future. Also, I need to figure out how I want to include accessories into this. I don’t buy them as often, but should I count them?


August Round Up

dress1oldnavy2colorlacedressanntaylor cobalt

1. Old Navy Wrap Dress, Striped – $25
2. Old Navy Wrap Dress, Crimson – $25
3. Ann Taylor Lace Dress – $47.69
4. Daisy Rae Dress – $20.97 (going out of business sale)
5. Gap Floral Jeans – $24
6. Gap Pink Jeans – $12 (yesss in store sale!)
7. Loft White Jeans – $20
8. Loft Tank – $22.50
9. ily Necklace – $20.95 (Still waiting on this to arrive….)

Not Pictured:
10. Loft Lace tee – $18
11. Gap Blazer – $24

Grand total:  $242.11

Gulp…alright well there you go. Now time to get this back under control.

Plan to help this:
1. Less in store shopping. I know this is the reverse of what most people would tell you to do because you can get much better deals off of the clearance racks, BUT when I shop online, I tend to impulse shop a lot less because I can let things sit in my cart and wait for a deal.
2. Make a list of things I want ahead of time and be more specific when looking for things.
3. Shop my closet more.
4. Focus on items that can be worn to work since that’s where I spend a bulk of my time.
5. USE EBATES. Using ebates = cash back on purchases. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is.

I’ll probably have to refine this a little more over time, but I hope it will work for now.