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Columbus Day Shopping

Just cause I didn’t have the day off for Columbus Day didn’t mean I wasn’t going to take full advantage of all of the sales! I limited myself to J.Crew Factory (50% off everything!) and American Eagle Outfitters (40% off of everything) since there had been some things on both sites that I had been staring at. I’m not sure what I’ll end up keeping, but I can’t wait to get the packages in the mail!

Columbus Day Shopping
 Cardigan /  Leather Lined Skirt /
Tweed skirt /AEO ankle booties /   Sweater /
Plaid shirt / Bright Pink promotion aerie bra / Sweater**Note, I couldn’t find the exact tweed skirt, but the one posted is similar
Look out for an upcoming post about the aerie Bright Pink Bra!

Quick Morning Post

Happy Monday!
(Don’t worry, it’s almost the weekend again, right?)

Just wanted to share this quick outfit from earlier in September, when it was still super warm. I stumbled across this picture and I really liked the outfit so I figured I would share! Also, for the record, I was wearing these with black pumps, but since I keep them at work, I can never get them in a picture in the morning.

2013-09-18 07.43.15
Sorry about the crappy picture quality, I’ll try to work on that)


2013-10-13 12.04.16
After an odd weekend, time to settle in and watch the Packers game! Go Pack Go!