Saturday’s Something Good

<<Apparently this didn’t post yesterday….so here it is now>>

This risotto recipe. So delicious.

My life in a buzzfeed list. They’ve been posting a lot of these lately that are too applicable to my life.

My co-worker and I were cracking up over this list of shutdown pick up lines the other day.

This watch from Urban Outfitters. I’m not really an Urban Outfitters person (or a watch person for that matter), but I could make an exception for this watch.

My cousin texted me this link of a corgi the other day. So adorable. Can’t stop watching.

Everything Gillian Flynn. Her novels are so dark and twisted, but I can’t lie, they hook me really quickly.

2013 World Gymnastics Championships is being broadcast this weekend. Hellloooooooo couch.

And finally, I’ve decided to start highlighting some of my favorite blogs here to share with you!

First off: Merrick’s Art. Merrick’s blog was probably one of the first blogs I started reading (thanks to a pin of hers I found on Pinterest!) and I’m so happy I found it. I love her fashion sense and the adorable pictures of her sons that she posts. ALSO, her blog led me to her two sisters’ blogs (Janssen and Landen), but I’ll get to those another time!


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